Deliberate Gratitude Challenge


I know I have posted a bit about gratitude. But it really can change your world.

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So, here is the challenge:

WIN A REIKI SESSION Getting out of bed with gratitude sets your day up for beauty ⭐️. We have a Gratitude Challenge in our house. This morning at breakfast we talked about our top 3. Starting the day like this always leads to something GOOD.

TRY IT. The Gratitude Challenge is 7 Days and it’s easy. Just take two minutes before you rise and place your hands over your chakras (you choose which) and VISUALIZE 3-5 things you’re grateful for. This isn’t a quick list to rattle off. It’s 3-5 things you VISUALIZE…think of it, see it, feel it…when you can FEEL it, move on. They can be different everyday. They don’t have to be intense it can be as simple as “I’m grateful for the sun on my face” (that’s actually a big one for me)
Then, daily comment below (or if you’re reading this on my blog, email me) your top 3. The one who comments the most WINS the Challenge: a complimentary Reiki session. Live in Gratitude – just two minutes can shift your whole day.

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