Asking for signs

Signs from our guides come in many different ways. I was paddling this morning and reflecting on some projects I want to start and asked my guides for some guidance. Specifically, I asked the sign to be an octopus if I’m on the right track. I ask and then I wait because in my experience signs can be immediate or can take a while. Then at dinner my son brought me the kids menu :). And if there was any uncertainty, literally as I typed typed this post, my mother handed me these lures!

For many people accepting that the signs are THE signs is the hard part. At some point, you have to decide if you will accept it. You choose to believe it or not. You choose to be aware and connected.

The cool part about asking for a specific sign, is that the message is very clear and customized. 

Some people may rationalize that the octopus images is common or your subconscious is now aware and therefore looking for the symbol. I chose the octopus because I hadn’t seen one in months. And don’t forget, you’re asking for your guides to send signs and make you aware of them. So, at some point, you just have to decide if you trust your guides communicate or not. It’s all free will.

So, leap. Trust. Accept.  Ask…and trust the answers. 

I’d  love to hear about signs you’ve asked for! Was it difficult to accept and believe? Tell me more!

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  1. I didn’t ask for it specifically, but one day last August I started seeing white feathers everywhere! On my walk, almost stepping on them, multiple cloud formations that looked exactly like feathers, and even little white feathers floating down in front of me from the sky. Prior I had seen feathers sometimes but always gray or black/gray/white.. never full white. That day there were 7 total white feathers! I took it as a sign from my Angels or guides that I was on the right track.. now I still see feathers all the time, almost stepping on them, directly in my path everywhere I go. And still see it as a constant reminder “keep it up, girl!” XO

    1. This is a great example! ? I love that you were able to recognize it and still see them as signs. Thanks for your story

  2. My sister passed away in 2005. My partner and I were driving to her funeral and we were talking about symbols and what they mean. Then, all of a sudden we saw a blue heron, alive, along side of I-5. It was strange seeing this along the freeway.

    I looked at her and said this is a sign that says I need to be more self aware, sufficient and take better care of myself. I’ve been trying although sometimes it’s tough but I know I will.

    Thank you Jeanine for letting me tell my story.

    1. Kerry thank you for sharing. I’m very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful moment to witness, I’m so happy that you were able to see the sign and are working on self-care. Self care can come in so many ways, even 15 minutes of grounding yourself in the morning with intention and meditation. Thank you for reading and sharing your story.
      Sending love, Jeanine

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