My Octopus and your spirit guides


You probably know by now that the Octopus is one of my symbols or signs that I have asked my guides to show me when I have questions. Over the past months, Octopus has been showing up a lot for me. I started to wonder if she was actually one of my guides, not simply a sign from them.

You see, throughout our lives we have guides come and go. Some stay to help us through something or to teach us specific lessons, some stay for the entire life and some stay at the soul level – through all of our lives. More on all that in another post.

For the past several months I have been really working to fine tune exactly what my mission and intention with my practice is – and it has been very clear that it is to deliver energy healing and to help women tap into their inner wisdom, so they can better hear their soul’s voice and start driving their life choices by using their soul as their compass. But even more than that, it’s about empowering women to trust their inner guidance system and their intuition and see their own connections.

I feel very strongly, that you have access to your answers and connections. You don’t need anyone to do it for you – you just may need a some inspired guidance to get you back in touch.

So, when I sat down for my meditation last month I asked and I listened, and I felt and I understood.

And very fittingly, the octopus spirit guide is known to be symbolic of a keen spiritual psyche (the human soul, mind or spirit) and she inspires others to channel theirs. What?! Sounds like my intention/mission!

I wanted to represent Octopus in my logo as it’s such a part of how I roll, and a series of crazy “coincidences” and finds led me to a 6 year old post on the web about a Russian artist which led me connecting with him directly and ultimately getting this logo! Props to the hubs for finding that original post!

It’s perfect. I love it.

You can use meditation to strengthen your connection to your guides. Next time you sit down on your cushion, try setting launching the intention to connect with your guides in the whatever way is most clear. Then release the thought and slip into your meditation.  See what comes up. But remember don’t grab the hooks of thought, just bless and release, and remain peacefully detached in observation.

I’d love to hear what comes up for you. You can reply to this email or post in the blog!

One more bit of housekeeping: our instagram name has changed from ArizonaEnergyBalance to JeanineSeger_CHt. If you’re already following us, its seamless but if you’re looking fro us, you’ll need the new name!


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