On Being You (and how my insta post lit some angry torches)

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be YOU to some means “buck the system at all costs, break the chains!” (insert clenched fists and furrowed brow), to others it means means “fight, fight, F-everyone and do it MY WAY” (insert more anger and fists and low vibe energy)…READ MORE…

You may have seen my instagram post @jeanineseger_cht about BEING UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.  It got a great response and some really interesting feedback, much of which came through private direct messaging. It made me think, maybe we need to talk more about this – and it made me wonder even more about why this is so hard for some of us to do…and why did it stir up so much anger?

Be YOU to some means “buck the system at all costs, break the chains!” (insert clenched fists and furrowed brow), to others it means “fight, fight, F-everyone and do it MY WAY” (insert more anger and fists and low vibe energy) and to others it resonated in a more peaceful assurance to “take off that overcoat and walk with ease in all that I am, not in what you think/want/expect me to be”.

Honestly, I was going for the “walk with ease” path.

But this shined a bright light on  how some of us feel we need to push or fight to get to a place where we can simply BE…ME.

It doesn’t need to be this hard. Life can be as complicated or as simple as we make it. And I don’t say this lightly, believe me I have been through some deep, heavy shit. And though there were and still are many days where it all seems super thick and I want to scream – I do my best to bring it all down to trust.

You know what I’m gonna say… wait for it…. Trust yourself.

So, to all you ladies out there who have been programmed to feel the rise of anger or the clench of a fist as a catalyst for change and renewal when they hear the rally cry to BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU… take a breath. Distill those low vibes and streams of energy coursing through your cells down to one word…TRUST.

Trust that you got this. You don’t need to fight to be YOU. You can sit back, ease up, take a breathe and just be.

When you represent as your true self vs. someone you think you’re supposed to be, life is easier and you energetically vibrate at a level that matches your frequency. And what I mean by that is, you’re now sending off vibrations that match what you want. When you aren’t true to yourself, you send mixed signals and complicated streams of vibration. Shit gets mixed up, wires get crossed. You can’t figure out why it’s so hard.

When you’re tapping into your truth, into your uniqueness – suddenly, it becomes less important to be loved by everyone. It becomes less concerning to follow that worn path beaten down by others. It becomes lighter and more exciting to spill over with thoughts, ideas and feelings that feed from your own reservoir of creativity.

What if you stopped feeding the anger or the resentment or the fear? What if you loosened your fist or your grip (here’s where control comes in, see how I slipped that in?) … and trusted that bringing you and all that you are is all that we need and want.

Be unapologetically YOU. ✨


If you missed the instagram post that sparked this whole download… here it is…

Be unapologetically YOU. ✨

This isn’t an invite to be an ass. It’s a reminder to show up as yourself, everyday. It’s a nudge to filter though the chaos around you and tap into the wellspring of love, joy and purpose that is your own. ⚡️

Don’t waste your energy trying to dial in someone else’s goals, message or vision. Find your own. Your voice will resonate with some more than others. It’s ok. There’s beauty in the contrast. ??

The biggest mistake people make is trying to drag the expectations of others through life. Tap into your own inner wisdom, be brave enough to be YOU, the world needs you and the gifts of your soul. ?

Shine your own light. Share the love. Bless and release the rest.


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