On Being You (and how my insta post lit some angry torches)

be YOU to some means “buck the system at all costs, break the chains!” (insert clenched fists and furrowed brow), to others it means means “fight, fight, F-everyone and do it MY WAY” (insert more anger and fists and low vibe energy)…READ MORE…

You may have seen my instagram post @jeanineseger_cht about BEING UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.  It got a great response and some really interesting feedback, much of which came through private direct messaging. It made me think, maybe we need to talk more about this – and it made me wonder even more about why this is so hard for some of us to do…and why did it stir up so much anger?

Be YOU to some means “buck the system at all costs, break the chains!” (insert clenched fists and furrowed brow), to others it means “fight, fight, F-everyone and do it MY WAY” (insert more anger and fists and low vibe energy) and to others it resonated in a more peaceful assurance to “take off that overcoat and walk with ease in all that I am, not in what you think/want/expect me to be”.

Honestly, I was going for the “walk with ease” path.

But this shined a bright light on  how some of us feel we need to push or fight to get to a place where we can simply BE…ME.

It doesn’t need to be this hard. Life can be as complicated or as simple as we make it. And I don’t say this lightly, believe me I have been through some deep, heavy shit. And though there were and still are many days where it all seems super thick and I want to scream – I do my best to bring it all down to trust.

You know what I’m gonna say… wait for it…. Trust yourself.

So, to all you ladies out there who have been programmed to feel the rise of anger or the clench of a fist as a catalyst for change and renewal when they hear the rally cry to BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU… take a breath. Distill those low vibes and streams of energy coursing through your cells down to one word…TRUST.

Trust that you got this. You don’t need to fight to be YOU. You can sit back, ease up, take a breathe and just be.

When you represent as your true self vs. someone you think you’re supposed to be, life is easier and you energetically vibrate at a level that matches your frequency. And what I mean by that is, you’re now sending off vibrations that match what you want. When you aren’t true to yourself, you send mixed signals and complicated streams of vibration. Shit gets mixed up, wires get crossed. You can’t figure out why it’s so hard.

When you’re tapping into your truth, into your uniqueness – suddenly, it becomes less important to be loved by everyone. It becomes less concerning to follow that worn path beaten down by others. It becomes lighter and more exciting to spill over with thoughts, ideas and feelings that feed from your own reservoir of creativity.

What if you stopped feeding the anger or the resentment or the fear? What if you loosened your fist or your grip (here’s where control comes in, see how I slipped that in?) … and trusted that bringing you and all that you are is all that we need and want.

Be unapologetically YOU. ✨


If you missed the instagram post that sparked this whole download… here it is…

Be unapologetically YOU. ✨

This isn’t an invite to be an ass. It’s a reminder to show up as yourself, everyday. It’s a nudge to filter though the chaos around you and tap into the wellspring of love, joy and purpose that is your own. ⚡️

Don’t waste your energy trying to dial in someone else’s goals, message or vision. Find your own. Your voice will resonate with some more than others. It’s ok. There’s beauty in the contrast. ??

The biggest mistake people make is trying to drag the expectations of others through life. Tap into your own inner wisdom, be brave enough to be YOU, the world needs you and the gifts of your soul. ?

Shine your own light. Share the love. Bless and release the rest.

What is Reiki?

I love it when people try Reiki for the first time. Well, I love it when people have Reiki anytime, but it’s always exciting to see and hear about what their experience was like.  While everyone has their own unique experience, often there are some similarities.

Charity (charitypiazza.com) came to see me the other week, you can read about her session in the link below.

Reiki helps your body regain it’s natural energetic balance allowing you to more easily heal yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.  Some of my clients come see me for a series of sessions to help them break through current patterns and blocks, while others incorporate Reiki in their regular health routine. Finding and maintaing balance is the goal. Follow the joy.

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What is Reiki?








My Octopus and your spirit guides

You probably know by now that the Octopus is one of my symbols or signs that I have asked my guides to show me when I have questions. Over the past months, Octopus has been showing up a lot for me. I started to wonder if she was actually one of my guides, not simply a sign from them.

You see, throughout our lives we have guides come and go. Some stay to help us through something or to teach us specific lessons, some stay for the entire life and some stay at the soul level – through all of our lives. More on all that in another post.

For the past several months I have been really working to fine tune exactly what my mission and intention with my practice is – and it has been very clear that it is to deliver energy healing and to help women tap into their inner wisdom, so they can better hear their soul’s voice and start driving their life choices by using their soul as their compass. But even more than that, it’s about empowering women to trust their inner guidance system and their intuition and see their own connections.

I feel very strongly, that you have access to your answers and connections. You don’t need anyone to do it for you – you just may need a some inspired guidance to get you back in touch.

So, when I sat down for my meditation last month I asked and I listened, and I felt and I understood.

And very fittingly, the octopus spirit guide is known to be symbolic of a keen spiritual psyche (the human soul, mind or spirit) and she inspires others to channel theirs. What?! Sounds like my intention/mission!

I wanted to represent Octopus in my logo as it’s such a part of how I roll, and a series of crazy “coincidences” and finds led me to a 6 year old post on the web about a Russian artist which led me connecting with him directly and ultimately getting this logo! Props to the hubs for finding that original post!

It’s perfect. I love it.

You can use meditation to strengthen your connection to your guides. Next time you sit down on your cushion, try setting launching the intention to connect with your guides in the whatever way is most clear. Then release the thought and slip into your meditation.  See what comes up. But remember don’t grab the hooks of thought, just bless and release, and remain peacefully detached in observation.

I’d love to hear what comes up for you. You can reply to this email or post in the blog!

One more bit of housekeeping: our instagram name has changed from ArizonaEnergyBalance to JeanineSeger_CHt. If you’re already following us, its seamless but if you’re looking fro us, you’ll need the new name!

I doubted it too, how could this be real?

I was skeptical too. I questioned everything about what I felt when I tried Reiki for the first time.

Well, wait, that’s not entirely true – let me rewind. I found my first energy healer after my son died 12 years ago.  I was broken and I was open to anything that might give me some peace and warm that ember of hope that I clutched so tightly as my universe shifted.

During my healing sessions I felt everything. It was natural and at the same time was completely illogical. I heard the Ki (chi) from my healer’s hands, I felt warmth and tingling, and I had visions that unfolded some of the deepest parts of my soul. It was amazing. It still is.

In my 30’s I wanted control. I had created a path in life where I simply expected to be able to manipulate outcomes by planning, and choosing and working hard. I overanalyzed nearly everything, it was almost a game. But when I left my sessions I was at peace with not knowing. It was liberating to simply trust the feelings and experience over anything that could be tested, analyzed or explained. It was a flash back to the way I used to see the world before corporate jobs, bills, and outside expectations.

It began to dawn on me that throughout my life I have been very in tune with my body and with energetic vibrations. For as long as I can remember, I have felt energy shifts from people, I have sensed connections and honed my intuition, I’ve known things within my own body that doctors have argued was impossible. When I was a young girl I stumbled upon this invisible force between my hands. I couldn’t sleep one night so I began tossing a little bouncy ball from hand to hand watching it closely and focusing on the air and dust particles in the space between. I dropped the ball but my hand was already following the rhythmic motion of the back and forth. In the instant between registering the ball had dropped and stopping my hand movements, I felt this resistance between my hands. It was like I held two opposing magnets.

At first, I was a little alarmed. I didn’t know what that feeling was but I wanted to feel it again. I began moving my hands in the same motions fast, then slow trying to find that sensation that my 8 year old mind had rationalized was “thick air”.

I remember very clearly looking around to be sure nobody saw me playing with empty air! I started to think “this is crazy, I look foolish!” And then I heard my inner voice very clearly say – even before the prior thought had finished crossing my mind, “you decide if you believe or not and then it is so…or not“.

In that moment, everything just made sense. It was OK to trust that I was experiencing something very real. It took some time and practice but I began to figure out how I could catch that energy again:

Move slowly.
Relax and breathe.
Trust it’s there.
If distracted, close eyes.
Start with hands together.

I would stretch and pull and feel the edges of this energy. And still I would frequently wonder if I’d made this all up in my mind only to try to find it again – and with focus I always did.

I was raised by amazing parents and a father who was often grounded in an evidence based view of the world.  I was trained to question everything, to dig for facts and to discard the questionable. But I also had this innate understanding that our energy, our souls and the human experience…it was all more than we could imagine. It all led to deep understanding sprinkled with intermittent questions.

Not long after meeting my energy healer I knew that I needed to pursue this work. I knew this was real and I had felt the healing it brings. During my Reiki training I felt the energy and I connected with people on a vibrational level. I got confirmation from clients and I felt it myself.

And even after all of it, I could fall back into that critical mind, questioning and doubting. Analyzing the sensations in my hands, the heat, the imagery. But every time doubt crept in, I would

Move slowly.
Relax and breathe.
Trust it’s there.
If distracted, close eyes.
Start with hands together.

And I’d be certain again.

When people ask me how energy healing works, when they cast doubt on a perceived lack of science-based studies, I ask them to lay on my table with an open mind and a grounded heart and experience it themselves.

You can choose to believe…or not. Science doesn’t need to discover something to make it real. Trust yourself, live in the moment, and be open to your experiences.


Did this resonate with you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

xo Jeanine 

Asking for signs

Signs from our guides come in many different ways. I was paddling this morning and reflecting on some projects I want to start and asked my guides for some guidance. Specifically, I asked the sign to be an octopus if I’m on the right track. I ask and then I wait because in my experience signs can be immediate or can take a while. Then at dinner my son brought me the kids menu :). And if there was any uncertainty, literally as I typed typed this post, my mother handed me these lures!

For many people accepting that the signs are THE signs is the hard part. At some point, you have to decide if you will accept it. You choose to believe it or not. You choose to be aware and connected.

The cool part about asking for a specific sign, is that the message is very clear and customized. 

Some people may rationalize that the octopus images is common or your subconscious is now aware and therefore looking for the symbol. I chose the octopus because I hadn’t seen one in months. And don’t forget, you’re asking for your guides to send signs and make you aware of them. So, at some point, you just have to decide if you trust your guides communicate or not. It’s all free will.

So, leap. Trust. Accept.  Ask…and trust the answers. 

I’d  love to hear about signs you’ve asked for! Was it difficult to accept and believe? Tell me more!

Letting go

This morning my 8 year old son complained of ear pain. He should really go out for theatre. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mock his pain he’s just really convincing and goes from 0 – to – OMG the universe is about to explode in 4 seconds flat. The problem is, inside, beneath the don’t-show-anyone-but-Jared-that-I’m-gonna-freak-out mom exterior, I ride that rocket ship with him.

It’s not his fault. He must feel my vibe. It’s not mine either, it’s cellular memory.

You see, when it comes to his urgent care needs I lose my shit. Fast. And I am pretty sure I programmed him to that vibe early on. It’s not that I am more cautious with him than my 3 girls. Though they will have like… a finger dangling and saunter in all, “Hey, mom I think I need a band-aid” — It’s just embedded deep in my cellular memory.

It’s super easy for me to ride his rocket ship of doom because I immediately jump a parallel ride that I rode with my son Max, 11 years ago and the cellular memory of his death… it sticks. I’ll talk more about this another time as it related to seasons, smells and sounds but that’s another focus all together.

With urgent care needs and my son I mask and disguise my concern  as parental worry but really, its a deep seated fear that something is wrong and I won’t be able to control the outcome. This is where letting go comes in.

But let’s be real, letting go isn’t always as easy as it seems it should be. And, don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about letting go of my son Max I am talking about letting go of that hook I have – I am talking about separating Max’s story from my 8 year old’s… I’m talking about letting go of that string of fear.

So, I pulled out the otoscope and I trusted my husband when he said it’s probably just a minor ear infection. And since you don’t mess with ears, we are taking him to the Dr. but not to the ER.

You see, I’m working on it.

Letting go is something that we should practice more. Letting go of that bad relationship. Letting go of anger. Letting go of limiting beliefs. Letting go of guilt. Letting go of the bad feelings. And even, releasing the strings of trauma. But letting go isn’t always as simple as deciding “I’m letting go of this!” (Though sometimes it can be!)

We hang onto trauma, memories, experiences, vibrations, connections not just in our minds but also in our physical bodies and our soul. It’s a process. And it always includes self compassion, love, acceptance, and trust. Trust in things beyond that which you can hold.

Sometimes, the best we can do is breathe. And trust.



Setting a daily intention will rock your world

There are all different ways to journal! ? my kids have a different approach than I do. Some days I’ll write a bunch and other days – in fact most days – I’ll focus on just a few words. 

A few core words that define how I want to feel in the day. How I want to set myself up to tackle all the big and little choices and decisions that I have coming. 

When I start my day with my core desired feelings I’m setting my intention, I’m telling my mind, body and soul how my day is gonna roll. And it works. When you know how you want to feel and set that intention with the universe, everything seems to fall in line.

Such a simple habit can make big shifts in your life. I have four (incredible) kids and my husband and I both work from home. Things can get chaotic and stressful. And sometimes I can get lost in the details – the dishes, the messy floors, the  day-to-day hustle…?? Since I started setting my days up life runs more smoothly. I am more CALM. I have more ideas and I’m more creative. I attract more like-minded people. I attract more people I can help. 



If you’re getting this post via email, you’re already in my tribe and we’ve talked about core desired feelings, and if you’re checking it out online you can join the tribe by entering your email at the bottom of the page.

So, ??How do you want feel? And how do you set up your days? I’d love to hear in the comments below ?? and for those who already start their day with their core desired feelings – how has it changed your life???

Be your own hero.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to remember that you have the answers.

Sure, sometimes it helps to hash things out with a friend or a guide, or a professional but ultimately, when you peel away the external influences, when you tap into that deep soul vibration…you got this.

Don’t be afraid to listen to what your soul already knows. And ?? don’t go looking for a guru to make the choices for you.

And stay hydrated. It’s hot out there.

3 Steps to listening to your soul

1 – Sit quietly without interruption. Close your eyes and just breath. Feel the air flow in through your nose and out your mouth. Don’t make it complicated. Just relax.

2 – If thoughts and images inundate you, breathe and in your mind’s eye pull back and observe the thoughts. Observe and release. Observe. And. Release.

3 – Ask yourself. When you’re feeling relaxed and your breathing has slowed a bit, ask yourself that burning question. And thenlisten. Often times you’ll hear the answer before you even finish the question.

That’s your intuition. Nope, don’t doubt it. It can be just that easy. It’s a feeling, a knowing.

If you’re still wondering if it’s legit. Imagine living the response you heard.  Really focus on living it. Then imagine doing the opposite.

How does each feel inside your body? Do you get butterflies in your stomach? Is that excitement?! Do you feel heavy and weighted? Is it bringing you down? FEEL what your body is telling you. And make the choice that FEELS GOOD. Even if the answer surprises you.

Meditation, Reiki and hypnosis are all tools that help you reset and find the balance to clear the static and get out of your own way.

Trust yourself above all else. You are your own hero.

How does it feel in your body when you are on the right track? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Deliberate Gratitude Challenge

I know I have posted a bit about gratitude. But it really can change your world.

Before I get to it… If you aren’t connected to my FACEBOOK PAGE and Instagram please follow, share, and LIKE. I will be posting great info, challenges, giveaways, sneak peeks and other stuff over there and will be migrating blog posts to more “journal entry/information bits” So if you saw this already, good on you for following the social media and…you’ll understand I’m making the distinctions now.

So, here is the challenge:

WIN A REIKI SESSION Getting out of bed with gratitude sets your day up for beauty ⭐️. We have a Gratitude Challenge in our house. This morning at breakfast we talked about our top 3. Starting the day like this always leads to something GOOD.

TRY IT. The Gratitude Challenge is 7 Days and it’s easy. Just take two minutes before you rise and place your hands over your chakras (you choose which) and VISUALIZE 3-5 things you’re grateful for. This isn’t a quick list to rattle off. It’s 3-5 things you VISUALIZE…think of it, see it, feel it…when you can FEEL it, move on. They can be different everyday. They don’t have to be intense it can be as simple as “I’m grateful for the sun on my face” (that’s actually a big one for me)
Then, daily comment below (or if you’re reading this on my blog, email me) your top 3. The one who comments the most WINS the Challenge: a complimentary Reiki session. Live in Gratitude – just two minutes can shift your whole day.

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The Attitude of Gratitude

The best time to focus on gratitude is when you aren’t feeing any. Those days or moments when anger or resentment or frustration or overwhelm start to mount.

That is the static of being human.

Take a minute and breathe and pick one thing you are grateful for. Think it. Imagine it. Feel it. Dive in there deep.

And when the fog lifts and the sun creeps in – freeze the moment, hold on to the joy and listen to your soul. ~Jeanine

Demystify Intuition

It is time. Too many people feel they need to seek out answers from somebody else, someone who is “special” or “connected”. One of my goals with soul is to help people see that THEY are connected. We ALL have the ability to connect to our inner wisdom. Let’s demystify the concept of being spiritually connected to our higher selves/guides/angels/source/universe.

This is a focus of mine for 2018! I want to help people, tap in and light up. Be ready to see some really cool and soulful projects, programs and retreats. And lots of content just for you…

Don’t Think. FEEL.

Don’t Think It, Feel it

The bone I have with New year’s Resolutions is that we THINK of a list of resolutions that we think we want in the new year. Then – assuming we stay on track – we look for the most direct paths so we can check off the list by year’s end.

But what if the resolution is actually in the PATH?
And what if the path, isn’t direct?


When we set New Year’s Resolutions, or make life choices based on what we think we want, or rather, how we think the prize should look (promotion to CEO, lose 10 lbs, get the guy…) we can lose the true beauty and potential of the desire. And often – even when the goal is reached – it doesn’t fill us like we thought it would. You’re left feeling unsatisfied.

Instead ask your self: How do I want to FEEL? What’s that deep, centered spark of emotion, the one that lights you up when you imagine having it? That space of excitement, or security or comfort or power – the one that immediately orients your inner compass. Yeah that one.

When we approach our goals with soul,
the whole journey is the prize.

Defining how you want to FEEL opens up possibilities. Different paths. Opportunities that you hadn’t even thought of. When we go after our goals with the emotion in mind and allow the path to unfold and the doors to appear we allow ourselves to be receptive to the journey and open to the possibility that our definition of success may not match the feelings of success.

Is it the position of CEO that you want or
financial security, freedom, feeling of contribution?

Is it 10lbs you want to lose, or
do you want to feel strong, flexible, energized?

Feel it.

Be open to the doors you didn’t know existed.

Gauge success by the fire in your soul.


Read that one  a few times and let it really SINK IN. I am all-in when in comes to elevating my mood with gratitude (oooh expect a meme on that later) and I had to re-read this beauty to absorb my own meaning of the words.

When we sit, even for just a moment in a place of gratitude, we allow our mind, body and energy to fill with love, to feel stillness in the moment, and reconnect with our true journeys.

Gratitude feeds the soul. Eat it up.

I don’t get caught up in thinking about what to be grateful for – I just look at the moment in front of me. Feeling grateful for sun on my face and the warmth it radiates across my skin often brings the same peace as the gratitude I have for my husband’s support. What I mean is, even the smallest glimmer of gratitude yields feelings of peace and love.

Challenge yourself to take a moment everyday to feel gratitude. Peace.

The truth about Max

The truth about Max is that life is fluid, like an energy ball racing toward physical bodies staying for a time only to dislodge from the confines of skin and bone to move forward toward its next transition. The truth about Max is we are here to experience….everything. Love. Despair. Joy. The truth about Max is that we are not alone and we travel this life with others. Some are present in the physical world and others are connected by the energy which makes up our soul matter. The truth about Max is that he shared secrets with me. He reminded me that living is greater than the bodies we visit in. The truth about Max is that in his short life he opened my eyes to what living actually means, he helped dispel the myth of life and death, and he taught me to trust – above all else – my intuition, my internal compass, yes, those voices in my head.

These are the secret gifts my son shared with me.