Grief, Loss & Trauma Sessions

I’m a grief energy specialist. When grief, loss and trauma are experienced the events are not only imprinted on our subconscious minds, but also on our bioeneregy field. These imprints can be carried through life, impacting how we see, feel and experience the world and others around us. If not released and processed, these imprints can disrupt the subtle energy flow causing imbalances in the mind, body and soul.

Reiki energy helps by bringing a sense of deep peace which enables us to exist with the pain in a way that allows healing and movement.  I also use intuitive energy healing techniques to assist in the releasing and movement of blockages. 

Reiki helped me move through my grief journey after losing my son, Max, in 2006. It’s why I became a Reiki practitioner and why I am so passionate about helping parents find hope and feel connected to their inner wisdom.

Parents who have suffered prenatal or infant loss and those who are experiencing subsequent pregnancies work with me to create movement in their grief journey and connect with life again.

But grief, loss and trauma come in other forms too. I help those who have lost a loved one, who are looking to work through major life changes, who feel out of alignment with their truths, and those who are working through past traumas. 

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What my clients are saying

“I was blown away after my first session. My dad came to be with me during my session. It was an experience I will never forget. He was holding my hand the whole time. The love that I felt during my session was unreal. I have always thought my dad was around me but during the session I was physically able to feel him and see him in a different way. I am hooked, Jeanine is amazing at what she does. I am so thankful for her and her ability to reconnect me with my father after 12 years.” – Heather

“I have such a wonderful feeling and a knowing that I’m not alone.”– Becky C.

“After I lost my baby I felt completely lost. Broken. Alone. I didn’t know how this could help me but I wanted to try. I feel like I have connected to a life line – a string to inner strength and hope. It makes living with my broken heart a little more bearable.”  – J. B.

“[Reiki] energy connects us all. I didn’t know what that meant before my session. It’s given me a connection I desperately needed.” – Nina T.