Oregon Retreat 2019

JULY 11TH – 15TH 2019

Think nature, connection, rejuvenation
and a roadmap for action.

Sedona SOLD OUT. Don’t miss us in Oregon 2019.
Space is very limited.

5 days and 4 nights at a luxury, oceanside resort and spa finding balance, tapping into your inner wisdom and igniting your life. We will do yoga, hike, forest bathe, meditate and we’ll dive deep to uncover what truly drives you. There will be laughter, there may be tears. You’ll get clear on what’s weighing you down and open up to what fuels your soul.

Photo: www.salishan.com

You’ll have time to rejuvenate in the spa or adventure on the water, the choice is yours. We’ll meet back at the fire to share some smore’s.

You will leave with clarity…with simple, soul-anchored declarations and with a solid understanding of your core desired feelings which you will use to guide your decisions in your career, your body, your creativity, your relationships and your spirit.

This is work. Belief-busting, introspective, deep soul work. But it’s the kind that makes you feel lighter.

You’ll dive deep into all areas of life to uncover why you strive and where you feel most free. You’ll define how you want to feel…everyday.

Through techniques, exercises and guided meditations infused with energy work you will be guided through five key areas:

Lifestyle + Livelihood
Creativity + Learning
Body + Wellness
Relationships + Society
Essence + Spirituality

Then it’s time to strategize the soul…the practical application of your core desired feelings. This is where clarity meets action.

You will relearn how to move towards your dreams – with trust and focus. Go after goals that nourish your spirit. You will explore your perceptions of goals and goal setting and identify any limiting beliefs or behavior patterns. Then you’ll release them. 

You will leave with a handful of goals or intentions that are aligned with your core desired feelings and a plan and tools to support them.

Best of all, you’ll be on this journey with a small group of like-minded, soul searching, energy chasing women. The perfect space with which to grow. Women supporting women.

This luxury retreat is your chance to check out of the hustle and check in with your self.  

Photo: www.salishan.com

what’s included:
5 days and 4 nights at the salishan luxury resort and spa
a welcome wine & cheese reception
daily yoga
2-day intensive workshop with workbook
guided meditations to help you get beneath the surface
catered lunches, snacks and beverages during the workshop days
A day off to explore. and to make it even more amazing we are including Your choice of:
~~~ a 60-minute massage & enjoy the spa’s infinity hot tub or
~~~ a 3-hour kayaking tour or
~~~ a 3-hour stand up paddle board tour 
hiking and time to bathe in the beauty and energy of the Forest 
time for you to simply relax 
Sunday night CELEBRATION and closing dinner
Personal gifts from jeanine because they’re her favorite tools to help support all your great work  

Photos: www.salishan.com

This retreat is for you if:
You want more. More joy. More clarity. More love.
You want to reset and find balance in a naturally healing setting with a group of like-minded women
You’re ready to get clear on why you’re chasing what you’re chasing
You’re ready to tap into your inner wisdom and enhance your intuition
You’re ready to feel LIBERATED. FREE.
You want to drive your life choices and decision using your soul as your guide
You want to learn techniques and exercises to find clarity
You want to put the internal ahead of the external
You know there’s more to life
You want to FEEL good
you’re ready to check out of the hustle and check into your self


Photo: www.salishan.com

This retreat is not for you if:
You aren’t ready to let go of what’s holding you back
You aren’t open to new ways of approaching your goals
more about the salishan resort:

Join us at the Salishan and experience the majestic Oregon Coast. Hike trails carved over millennia, bathe in the beauty and energy of the forest, kayak or paddle board among the seals and whales or enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating time at the spa.

The perfect place to  RESET. RESTORE. REFOCUS.

Just as the magnificent Oregon coast forest surrounds and embraces Salishan Resort, the beauty of the remodeled lodging will welcome and wrap you in rustic luxury. From the views of the towering Douglas firs and the tranquil Siletz bay to the local timber used in the woodwork to the luxurious marble accents, every aspect of your stay at the Salishan will be infused with authentic elements of the Oregon Coast.

You will choose from either a Traditional room for double occupancy or the  Deluxe room for single occupancy. The rooms are newly remodeled, spacious and each has a fireplace. 

Photos: www.salishan.com

more about dining at the salishan resort:

Welcome reception, lunches during the workshops days and a celebration closing dinner are included in your retreat price and are catered by the Salishan.

For your other meals, the resort offers many dining options to meet your needs. Whether you want a gourmet meal, a quick sandwich or a late night snack and cocktail you’ll find options to satisfy every kind of appetite. Their newly renovated spaces with fantastic views provide impeccable service and delicious food embodying the cuisine of the Oregon Coast. The Salishan also boasts one of the largest wine cellars in Oregon, if wine is your thing.

The Salishan takes the joy of eating very seriously. That’s the reason behind their carefully created eco-conscious, organic, coastal-inspired fare.  

Photos: www.salishan.com

What’s not included:
some meals
Transportation from/TO the airport 

General Agenda:
4:00pm check in and explore the resort
4:30pm – 6:30pm meet your tribe at the welcome wine & cheese reception and take in the breathtaking beauty of the oregon coast. I’ll make the introductions, we’ll set our intentions and you’ll set fire to some limiting beliefs. (figuratively and maybe literally)
6:30pm – explore salishan dining on your own or with your new tribe
8:00am morning outdoor yoga
9:00am – 12:00pm 
day 1 of the 2-day intensive workshop: guided meditations, group, small group and individual work
12:00pm-1:00PM catered lunch
day 1 of the 2-day intensive workshop: guided meditations, group, small group and individual work
SPRINKLE in some yoga stretches, healthy snakcs and time to tap into what fires you up
8:00am meet your tribe for some morning yoga outside

You have the day to explore! and to make it even more amazing we are including Your choice of:
~~~ a 60-minute massage & enjoy the spa’s infinity hot tub or
~~~ a 3-hour kayaking tour or
~~~ a 3-hour stand up paddle board tour
take the rest of the day to relax, explore, meet up with your tribe for a hike, or simply take in the beauty of the oregon coast.
8:00am morning yoga outside
9:00am – 12:00pm 
day 2 of the 2-day intensive workshop: guided meditations, group, small group and individual work
12:00pm-1:00PM catered lunch
day 2 of the 2-day intensive workshop: guided meditations, group, small group and individual work
SPRINKLE in some yoga stretches, healthy snacks and time to strategize your soul
10:00am checkout
five days and four nights to reset, restore and refocus. it’s time to tap into your inner wisdom and start driving life choices by using your soul as your compass.
Reserve your spot today.
this is an intimate tribe of like minded women
space is limited, don’t miss out.


This is going to be amazing. I’ll see you in Oregon.

Limitless. Connected. Intentional.
Joyfully yours,


As your Retreat Facilitator

I help you find clarity.  I give you the tools for making important decisions instantly. All intention, straight from your soul. I help you figure out what’s blocking you. You’ll clear the static. I’ll help you tap into your inner wisdom and ignite your life.

Women come to my retreats because they want more. More clarity. More love. More peace. More connection. A better marriage. More security. More affluence. More confidence in starting that new business.

They want to feel good.

I help women discover how they want to feel – those deep feelings aligned with their soul – and then I help them prioritize their goals so that chasing them feels just as good as achieving them. Feeling good – that’s the whole game.

Get clear on what you most want out of life and plan to make it happen.

As your Yoga Instructor

Whether you’ve never practiced before or are a seasoned yogi, Angie will help you find grounded peace. She’ll show you the approach and techniques to move into poses with intention and calm.

She’ll guide you through daily morning yoga with mindfulness. You’ll discover the centering benefits of the practice.  Together you’ll align for a day of growth and expansion.

You’ll discover peace through movement and pose. She’ll show you the way.


“…from the moment I walked in, I felt at home. Jeanine has an amazing energy and warmth that draw you in and make it easy to let down your guard and do the work. The other women were all friendly and welcoming as well. The atmosphere was one filled with women on a similar journey and I enjoyed the mix of working on some exercises solo and collaborating with some of my peers on other activities. Thank you, Jeanine!
~ Molly

Jeanine has a wonderful way of creating an intimate environment  where everyone felt confident and comfortable to participate in their own, independent way.  Laughter and honesty intermingled with vulnerability.

A few notes:
This is an all inclusive, all women, non judgmental, welcoming space. Accepting of other people’s beliefs & lifestyles. Essentially, be kind and accepting. Be human. No pets/no smoking/no drugs.