Intuitive Energy Sessions with Reiki Package: 3-month results


Two Intuitive Energy Sessions with Reiki per month for 3-months. (6 total sessions) Energetic healing and Reiki heals the whole person on all levels ~ mind, body & soul ~ and provides profound and often subtle, deep shifts. Reiki energy enhances the body’s natural ability to heal and restore. 


This package was created for those who are looking for the opportunity to ignite change and experience significant and lasting shifts in life; body, mind and spirit.

Single sessions are fine for a check in but if you are looking to shift back into alignment with your core truths and from that centered place move through life changes, and find joy within the chaos this program is the best fit.

Just like working out and eating healthy, change takes time and consistency. While I have had clients experience dramatic shifts after just one session, the far majority find more results with this schedule.  This package is designed to allow the mind, body and energy system to settle into balance, rejuvenate energy centers and offer more healing benefits to the client.

Sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase and may not be transferred.

You will receive an email immediately after purchasing with a link to book your first session.


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