10 Weeks of Soul-Fuel for Summer

If you want to get real clear on what fires you up, what brings you down, and how to
create more Soul Fueled balance in your life, this group is for you.

We will connect in an online private facebook group just for women in this program. This is a self-paced course – you can fine tune one module each week or carve out more time to dive into multiple modules. Your growth, your pace.

Each module I’ll get you started with a video, tools and/or exercises to help you tap in and clear the static. You’ll learn how to create inner balance, connect with your higher self, tap into your intuition and dive into your own truths. You’ll gain new tools to address life’s challenges, regain and maintain balance and from this grounded, soul centered perspective you’ll more easily see what truly drives you and what’s better left behind. We will use Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map process to get clear on your Core Desired Feelings and how to use them in charting a path that is guided by a soul-fueled life.

We will connect through comments and Q&A posts. Best of all, you’ll be supported not just by me, but by a group of like minded, peace striving, energy chasing women. And it doesn’t end there, after the 10 Week Program, you’ll be a member of the Soul Fueled Life Private facebook group for life where you can continue to connect with like minded women.

Welcome to the Tribe.

The Plan:

Workbooks are included and will be used during weeks 6-10.

Week 1:  Welcome Introduction & Getting Grounded
Week2: Clearing & Saging & Live Q&A
Week 3: Chakra Basics
Week 4: Meditation Made Easy & Live Q&A
Week 5:  Good Vibrations
Week 6:  Soul Fires & Let Downs & Live Q&A
Week 7:  Let Your Heart Lead
Week 8:  Soul-Fueled Goals & Live Q&A
Week 9:  When Shit Goes Sideways
Week 10: Final Live Q&A

By the end of this course you will learn:

  • Grounding and earthing techniques
  • Clearing tools and methods
  • Simple daily tools to create balance in your life
  • About energy & your chakras
  • How to start your own meditation practice ~ yes, really, you can do it
  • You’ll get clear on what drives you and how let your heart lead you through the big and small decisions in life
  • How to access your core truths and let them be the driver
  • And all of this work will help you tap into your intuition and discover the voice of your soul.


  1. What times do I have to be online? Whenever it’s good for you.
  2. How much time will this require each week? That is totally up to you. This group is for you and you get to fine tune each module to fit your life. Want to meditate every day? Great! Feel like 90 seconds in the shower is what you can do? Awesome. It isn’t about doing it one way, it’s about gaining new insights and knowledge and making it work for you.
  3. What happens after week 10, will I lose all my new friends? No way! You will all be moved to a larger private FB group so we can keep supporting each other and growing as a group. Gotta a great book you’re reading? Yay! Post about it!
  4. When do I get my workbook? I will be shipping workbooks out in the first 4 weeks so you’ll have it time for week 6. Boom.