The Workshops

Find your balance. Trust your intuition. Tap into your inner wisdom.

When Sh*t Goes Sideways™

COMING SOON and in lots of fabulous formats. This is full of all my heart and soul ~ I know first hand that it isn’t about achieving a life without conflict, it’s about staying the course during the chaos. It’s about tapping into ourselves and trusting our connection with our higher selves and with our guides and angels. It’s about more than being human. It’s about our connection between the physical and the non-physical and how, when we really live, we live in between. It’s about finding joy within the chaos When sh*t Goes Sideways™.  This workshop is going to show you how.

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Work one-on-one with Jeanine
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My workshops are work.

Belief-busting, introspection, deep soul work. But it’s the kind that makes you feel lighter.

As your Facilitator

I help you find clarity. I give you the tools for making important decisions instantly. All intention, straight from your soul. I help you figure out what’s blocking you. You’ll clear the static. I’ll help you tap into your inner wisdom and ignite your life.


Jeanine has a wonderful way of creating an intimate environment  where everyone felt confident and comfortable to participate in their own, independent way.  Laughter and honesty intermingled with  vulnerability.  
Thank you for a special night! ~Serene