What my clients are saying

“I just wanted to say that today’s treatment was *so* profound. You unlocked pieces of me that I didn’t know were locked. I genuinely believe that hard emotions we hold onto eventually create dis-ease in the body. So, I would venture to say that your treatments are life changing.

The divine connection you have is something special and I truly feel so blessed to have you in my circle.” – Ashlee H.

“This Rumi quote sums up how I felt after last night’s INTRO workshop with Jeanine. When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ~Rumi    It was great to spend time with some friends in a supportive, welcoming environment where new connections could be made! – Angie C.

“I went for my first ever Reiki session a couple weeks ago and it was such a calming and rejuvenating experience that I am making it part of my regular self care routine! Jeanine recently brought her practice to Naturally Nurturing (Dr. Jessi’s office) in Gilbert. I highly recommend giving this a try! Amazing!!” – Sara A.

“I want to thank you for helping me. I felt so great after our (hypnosis) session on Thursday. I didn’t have to take any of my supplements for anxiety that day, usually I take about 6 a day. I’m feeling better. I cant wait to book my next session.” – Cassandra A.

“I have had Reiki before but the sessions with Jeanine are different, she hits all the general Reiki hand positions but she has a different technique…she just moves with the energy. It’s really very powerful, you’ll just have to see for yourself.” –  Sandra P.

“I have been feeling disconnected and lost lately so a friend referred me to Jeanine. I was hoping to find some clarity and direction but I didn’t even really know what to ask for. Her energy work was amazing. I had never tried Reiki before and it was really incredibly, I will be coming regularly. Then we started working on helping me define “goals that feed the soul” and…wow. I really never looked at life that way before. It’s so simple, yet so intense. I’m finally defining not just what it is I want and why but how
I want to FEEL! It’s really a different take on things.” – Carrie D.

“I felt great after the session. I felt very relaxed and more tolerant in lots of ways… I’m still absolutely mind blown at what I experienced during the session, and would definitely like to have maintenance sessions…” – Vari S.

“I am forever changed after just three sessions. The journeys Jeanine took me on I will never forget. She has given me tools and images that I will always use in the future. Thank You Jeanine.” – Heather W.

“Jeanine changed my life! I was working a dead end job and depressed about where my future was going. I called Jeanine in an emergency conversation she was completely attentive and concerned.  The session was so relaxing and soothing. Two days after my session, I quit my job and started up my own business! Jeanine is truly a miracle worker and completely sincere in her work!”  – Valerie C.

“Wow. I had no idea I had all of this joy in me. I went to see Jeanine for help with general life choices. But what I tapped into was so much more. I feel like we are really getting to the stuff underneath my stuff. I have such a wonderful feeling and a knowing that I’m not alone.” – Becky C.

“…the physical and mental relaxation I experienced was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I went in a 10 on the stress scale and now…I’m so refreshed, relaxed and I’m seeing things so much more clearly.” – Terry T.